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Moor Time is here to offer life-enhancing, accessible activities for young people with additional needs to enjoy in their free time. All with the support of experienced staff so family-carers can take a break. 

We first launched in 2018 as LS29 Time Holiday Club, part of the LS29 Special Needs Support Group, a thriving charity for families in the Ilkley area.


As parent-carers, we understood how challenging life can be for both young people and care-givers, and we wanted to try to set something up to help ourselves and others.


We knew what our young people needed - a place where they could safely and happily spend time away from the family home and mixing with peers. But this was hard to find when they traveled to specialist schools a long way away so didn’t have local friends; when they required activities and environments adapted to complex physical or sensory needs; and when they struggled with busy, mainstream out of school care settings. 


As family-carers we knew we needed more time too - to work, to relax, to get on with chores, and to give some attention to children in the family without disabilities.

LS29 Time Holiday Club initially ran just two days a week in the holidays, as a pilot scheme funded by a small grant from The National Lottery. Five years on, we are now Moor Time, an independent charity offering a range of short breaks servicesWe hope to continue to grow and meet the needs of more young people in the future. 

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