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Moor Time relies on the generosity of its supporters to give children and young people with disabilities fun and fulfilling life experiences.

Because we staff at a high level and provide specialist support and activities, every place at a Moor Time holiday or Saturday club costs upwards of £120 per day. But the most we charge families directly is £25 per day, the same cost as local mainstream playschemes.


As a charitable care provider, there's no place for profit in what we do. Every penny we raise goes towards giving our young people high quality respite breaks and play sessions. All our activities and trips are accessible and life-enhancing, with trained staff on hand who have the expertise, experience and empathy to support the young people.


Your gift today could give a child who is at risk of loneliness and isolation a wonderful day away from home with friends, being cared for by experienced staff so family carers can take a well earned break. Thank you for giving generously. 

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