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A day in the life of a supported volunteer

The day started with the volunteers helping to get the lunch ready (jacket potatoes and mince pies).

They had to work individually and as part of a team. One volunteer helped a younger one to spoon mincemeat into a bowl. She did this by holding the jar and praising her.

At the same time the two volunteers cut the pastry and put it in the tray. The mincemeat was then put in it and they were put in the oven to bake. After that two volunteers pricked and washed some baked potatoes and they were put in the oven to bake.

While they were baking the washing / drying up was done. There was a lot of it to do!

The tuna, beans and cheese were also prepared for the potatoes. The volunteers had to act safely in the kitchen especially when using the tin opener.

One volunteer made snack as well and used his communication skills and radio to give it to the correct people. The same person had to help work out who wanted what to eat for lunch and make sure everyone had something to eat.

One volunteer had to make hot drinks and she felt really important doing so.

The last things the volunteers had to do were prepare the food for the next day, (get out the plates and grate the cheese etc) using labour saving equipment, prepare the bird feeder mixture ( cut up the lard ), and make glow in the dark lights using bottles and glow sticks.

One volunteer did a good job at cleaning the worktops and doing more washing up too.

It was a lot of hard work for the volunteers on the 22nd December 2021 but it was rewarding work and the staff were proud of them and really appreciated the help given.

Come and be a volunteer at LS29 Time Holiday Club and you will not regret it.

You will have fun, learn new skills, be supported and feel proud of yourself knowing you are making a different to lots young people’s lives.

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