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Helping out rocks

Barney is a supported volunteer at Moor Time. He shares with us here what he gets out of the experience...

Moor Time isn't just about staff/keyworkers working there to support our young people. They also recruit supported volunteers to give up their time and come out to support the young children at Moor Time, and like myself doing it, this is a brilliant experience for me!

I really enjoy volunteering at Moor Time as it gets me out of the house, getting me active and of course, to see my friends! I an so lucky that I was chosen as a supported volunteer for Moor Time, because I am capable of helping others and also to work out things with the staff/keyworkers (especially this summer with the Outside The Box trip and when we went on the train, and I knew what was happening!)

It is really enjoyable for myself to be volunteering with Moor Time, as it's one of my hobbies of helping out! And as they say, volunteering is definitely just not to avoid pressure on staffing, you are there for the fun adventures and enjoyment!

Helping out at Moor Time definitely rocks!

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