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Moor Time in the new year

Some big changes coming for us in 2023 - LS29 Time is becoming Moor Time. In fact, we're already registered as a charity, number 1201026. We have been up to our eyes preparing for Christmas sessions but you'll start to see our new name and logo on everything from January.

After four years as part of the LS29 Special Needs Support group, we're flying the nest. The decision was completely amicable, it was just the right time to do it for both sides for administrative and organisational reasons. We will always be grateful to LS29 for giving us the chance to launch holiday club, and we're very proud to have LS29's chair and secretary, Karen and Vicki, on the board of our new charity.

So a big rebrand is on the cards but other than that, we will still offer the same services as before: the holiday club, Saturday sessions, supported volunteering scheme and under 5s meet ups. The lovely staff are staying the same and there will be no major differences in how we care for young people, communicate with their families and carers, and deal with bookings and enquiries.

Our aim is to keep growing as a short breaks charity, offering young people exciting and fulfilling opportunities to meet with friends, try new experiences and learn. All with the support of our staff while family carers get a bit of a breather. We have lots of plans for 2023 including finally Ofsted registering, developing our weekend sessions and trialling full weeks of holiday club sessions rather than just four days. We would also love to find a permanent home for our charity - the hunt is on!

We can't promise we will achieve everything we set out to do, but we promise we will keep trying. We're a family-run charity, many of our staff, volunteers and trustees are unpaid carers or have been at some point in their lives, so we know full well how important short breaks are.

Have a great Christmas,

Jane E x

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