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Playdoh, pass the parcel and mince pies!

What a lovely festive day with our secondary aged young people!

This morning we enjoyed cinnamon-scented playdough – molding and cutting this into Christmas shapes. The young people loved this “Christmassy” smell. Some of the group made bird feeders using a pine cone and a mixture of seeds and lard – they enjoyed making and wrapping these up to take home.

Throughout the morning our supported volunteers were extremely busy in the kitchen. They did a fabulous job of making morning snack, cups of tea and coffee for staff and juice for the young people. They were also learning how to clean up after themselves and lots of washing up! They then made lunch for all of the children – jacket potatoes and toasties were on the menu… yummy! Nicola, one of the managers at LS29 Time, enjoyed her day with the supported volunteers in the kitchen and even said “I’m in my happy place”. Nicola is very passionate about the supported volunteer role and said “It is just amazing because it adds another dimension to holiday club by enabling young people to be able to help others who are less able”. I spoke with one of our supported volunteers about their role, and they said they love working and interacting with the children, stating that their favourite thing about holiday club is helping with baking and making lunches and seeing their friends. It is lovely to see those in this role grow in confidence, ability and learning new life skills.

The supported volunteers also made some mince pies. I am not usually a mince pie lover however thoroughly enjoyed the one I tried so they must have done a really good job!

In the afternoon we enjoyed playing pass the parcel as a group. Our lucky winners won some bubbles and fidget toys, they were ever so pleased! The rest of us were blessed with chocolate coins found in between the layers! We also made our own gingerbread men; rolling out our dough, cutting it out, putting them in the oven and some of us even decorated them.

To top off our festive day our staff had a small festive gathering after holiday club, we enjoyed pizzas and a quiz!

Yet another fabulous day working at LS29 Time. Have a lovely and safe Christmas and New Year everyone and I shall see you at Easter!

Sophie (Keyworker) x

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