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Quote me happy!

One of the reasons I love working for the holiday club is that young people never fail to make me smile. I am sure there will be many more great quotes over the coming months and years. Here are my favourites so far from summer 2021...

Key Worker trying to explain the rules of the assault course:

Young person: "Skip the tutorial, let's get on with playing the game"

Young person taking a Hart farm goat for a walk on a lead:

Young person "Oh goat, don't be so sassy"

Young person wanting to play outside:

Young person " Please can a key worker or somebody come outside and keep a watch on me!"

Young person that was initially scared to touch or go near the Hart farm animals:

Young person: "Are you sure we can't just keep two goats, maybe kidnap them?"

Young person trying to watch a movie and wanted some quiet time. Some of the other young people were playing excitedly inside:

Young person " KEEP CALM. JUST CHILL"

Young person talking to their key worker:

Young person " What's your accent?" " I have a West Yorkshire accent"

Young person talking to another young person:

Young person " Don't breathe on me, we are in the middle of a pandemic!"

Young person being picked up by their parent at the end of the day:

Parent: " Did you have a nice day?"

Young person "Yes these guys have tired me out"

Young person asked by their parent what they had been doing at the holiday club throughout the day:

Young person: " Friend and me, cucumber, carrot, orange, grapes and jelly and sandwich... and that's it!"

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