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We've had a blast

If anyone asks me what I have done over the summer when I go back to school on Monday, I will tell them that I have spent it with the most amazing group of people who never fail to make me laugh and my heart melt!

We have been on the bouncy castle, watched sheep and ferrets racing at Cannon Hall Farm. We have welcomed llamas, dogs, goats and a donkey to come and visit us. We have been well fed and have made scones, smoothies, s’mores, had an ice cream shop and even made our own pizzas in an oven shaped like a dragon.

We have learned new skills such as how to street dance, do animal yoga and make dream catchers. We have learned how to be even better friends, having a great time playing old school games such as What time is it Mr Wolf?, musical chairs and pass the parcel and how to win (and to come second).

Our trip up to Fell Edge was stunning , we were blessed with the sunshine and enjoyed dressing up in the teepee; having a drumming session; watching the geese and even took some time out reading a book, chatting with friends and just enjoying the view.

We have spent lots of time outside and have shown off our own teepee making skills and our cricket and football abilities.

Our friends at LS29 Time have amazing imaginations, great dance moves; are budding chefs; future James Dysons and brilliant announcers and musicians to name but a few.

All of this has been supported by the hard work of our supported volunteers; volunteers and staff (thank you everyone).

I can’t wait to see you all again at Christmas, have a happy term, stay safe!

I’ve had a blast,

Nicola xxx

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