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I have worked at LS29 Time since January 2020. I have enjoyed every day that I have worked there. It is always filled with young people both new and returning to the setting who are all there to have fun! From going on trips to staying on site, no two days have been the same – and that is what is most enjoyable about working at LS29 Time. The staff are all extremely supportive of one another and work together well as a team. Management work well with the staff and are constantly on the ground with us supporting the team and getting involved in the activities, as a staff member I’ve always felt very well supported by the management team.

Your day as a keyworker starts with a meeting in the morning where staff are allocated a young person/a few young people to work with throughout the day. This meeting is a chance to find out more about the young person from their ‘All About Me’s as well as from staff who have supported them before. This sets you up for what you may like to do in the day and gives you a picture of their likes and dislikes. Then the young people arrive and the activities for the day commence. There are usually a range of indoor and outdoor activities including sensory play, Lego, playdough, outdoor play and soft play. Throughout the day young people can engage in whatever activities suit them. All of the young people come together for lunch time before carrying on with the afternoon. We sometimes have a lovely calming afternoon yoga session led by Keyworker, Liz, before the young people are collected. The staff then come together to have a meeting where feedback is given about the day.

Throughout my time at LS29 Time I have already received training which has helped me in my career including; Food Hygiene, Child Protection, Prevent and others.

If you are interested in working at LS29 Time give it a go and apply, we look forward to having you on the team! See our current vacancies on our Jobs Page

Sophie, Keyworker

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